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Meet our Founder

Chris Demmel

Welcome to KittyHawk Recruiting! I'm Chris, the founder and driving force behind our mission to connect exceptional talent with scaling teams and organizations. With a passion for people and a dedication to fostering relationships, I've embarked on this journey to build my own business and have some fun along the way. 


Bringing 10+ years of experience in talent acquisition and a proven track record of success, I've honed my skills in identifying, attracting, and nurturing top-tier professionals across diverse industries. My professional journey began at a recruiting agency where I learned, among many other things, that there is rarely a substitute for hard work. Some say, “Work Smarter, not Harder.” I say, “Work Smarter, then Harder.” 

Since my humble and impressionable beginning, I've scaled teams at some of the biggest companies in the world. My superpower is being able to quickly pivot and ramp up on any skill set in any location. I've proven this by hiring a broad range of disciplines across coasts and continents. 

When I'm not working on building my business, you can usually find me walking around or trying a new restaurant in my neighborhood of NW Portland with my wife. We'd take our dog, Penny, but she'll only be carried. 

I look forward to building value for myself and my clients. Uncertain markets and hiring needs will always present challenges that require tenacious attitudes and a deep understanding between partners. Let's use the former to build the latter. 


Thank you for considering KittyHawk Recruiting as your partner. I look forward to the privilege of working with you.

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